Norge: Homofobe elementer i Behring Breiviks manifest

Både og har søkt i den siktede Oslo- og Utøyamassemorderen Anders Behring Breiviks 1516-siders manifest for å se hva han sier om homofile. Og det er en del han sier (skjønt store deler er klipt og limt fra andre kilder). Et sted viser han seg ganske konservativ når det gjelder kjønnsroller: «Above all, those who would defy Political Correctness must behave according to the old rules of our culture, not the new rules the cultural Marxists lay down. Ladies should be wives and homemakers, not cops or soldiers, and men should still hold doors open for ladies. Children should not be born out of wedlock. Glorification of homosexuality should be shunned. Jurors should not accept Islam as an excuse for murder.» (s. 22)

Han kritiserer Mona Sahlin og Stockholm Pride, og ikke minst den liberale kirken som «defends and encourages the ordination of women, divorce, abortion, the mass scale distribution of contraceptive pills and contributes to glorify homosexuality (including the ordination of homosexuals). When the Church resembles a minimalistic shopping mall, the female priest wears jeans, defends abortion and the mass scale distribution of contraceptive pills, defends the Jihad against the Israelis and lives a sexually active life; then what is the point? We must go back to our Catholic roots. We, the protestant nations of Europe should not forget that we were all Catholics once.» (s. 1138-9)

Og han er motstander av medienes «homohysteri»: «However, I personally do object to the “gay media hysteria” which has been going on in Western Europe the last two decades. In many cases “alleged victim groups” are subjected to positive discrimination within politics, media and certain sectors. In those specific contexts it has become standard policy to discriminate so called “heterosexual men”. Western European media, especially in the protestant countries are obsessed with cheering the gay community and other minorities they see as “preferred groups” in their so called “victim hierarchy”. The glorification of “preferred groups” in the EUSSR “victim hierarchy” have gone too far. It’s racist and fascist.» (s. 1359)

Han skriver riktignok også at han har homofile venner, og anbefaler vordende terrorister å gi seg ut for å være homofile for å slippe nærgående spørsmål: «Say you think you are gay and are in the process of discovering your new self and that you don’t want to talk any more about this issue. Tell them that you are ashamed of it and you don’t want to talk any more about it. Make them swear to not tell anyone! (your ego is likely to take a dent unless you are secure in your own heterosexuality, because they will actually believe you are gay. However, it’s an extremely effective strategy for stopping questions and prevent people from digging in your life when you don’t want them to.» (s. 853)

Men det er nok ikke i holdningene til homofili de sentrale elementene i Anders Behring Breiviks ondskap er å finne.

Dette innlegget ble publisert i Europa, Nyheter og merket med , , . Bokmerk permalenken.

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